Create US iTunes Store Account

Many people who have the iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad/iMac/Macbook are still not able to install the FREE applications from US itunes store because they don't have an US iTunes account as iTunes compulsorily needs a credit card to create one!

If you use a US iTunes gift certificate at the time of registering your account, then you dont need US credit card. There is nothing complicated about it, but just in case you are unsure, we have provided a simple set up guide for you below. If you already have a US iTunes account you may simply log in and click 'redeem' to use your gift certificate. I'll explain in short how to get yourself a FREE US iTunes Store Account without US credit card !

How to Create a US iTunes Store Account without Credit Card

1. Start Apple iTunes on your Mac or Windows PC.

2. Click on the iTunes store button from the top right of the Apple iTunes menu bar.

3. If you are already logged in your current country / region iTunes Store, Sign out from it using the sign out link on the top left of the Apple iTunes menu bar.

4. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and select Change Country from Manage OR There will be a little round country flag that you click on and change to United States.

5. Find the Quick Links box, on the upper right side in main iTunes window.

6. Select the Redeem link.

7. In a popup window, it will ask you to Sign in with your Apple ID to redeem the code or to Create Apple ID. Select Create Apple ID.

8. Create the account with an email address that has NOT been registered with any other iTunes store.

9. You will now be asked to fill out a form with your name, U.S. postal address, and U.S. phone number. Use an existing US address including corresponding zip code. Just use any hotel or business address. Example: PizzaHut New York, USA. Just google it. If you still can't find any US address, visit: and generate a random US address.

Note: Different U.S states levy different taxes on digital downloads. However, the state of California, New York does not impose such a tax. So its better to get an address from these states.
Choose a state with no sales tax (e.g New York, California). In either case, the city and zip you provide must match. For example, City: New York, State: NY, Zip: 10012, Phone: 212 226-3127).

10. If asked for payment method select none (the option on the right hand side of the credit card logos). If you purchased a US iTunes Gift Card Code from iTunes GC and want to redeem it, there is an option for that as well. Do NOT enter your Credit Card details.

11. Now your done and ready to start using the US Apple iTunes Store with your new US iTunes account. Enjoy!

Congratulations, you just created a US iTunes Account!

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